9 Best Riding Lawn Mowers Of 2021

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They also noted that the hydrostatic transmission means no gears to shift or jerky starts. It’s easy to use, powerful, rides nicely and has a great turn ratio for those tight turns. Some customers noted that it can be tricky to maintain traction on an incline but that keeping it on a lower speed helps with the ability to control the mower.

  • For some riders, there is a priority in power over the cutting deck.
  • Nothing puts mowing operators off than uncomfortable machines in long rides.
  • The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series comes with an excellent 42″ cutting deck, which means it’s capable of mowing a larger area much faster than many of its competitors.
  • The performance and style provide comfort with a cutting-edge design.
  • There is no need for you to get out of your seat to operate this mower efficiently.
  • The large wheels are grass-friendly and will leave your grass without any tire markings.
  • Plus, with vertical stand-on-edge capability, the mower is simple to maintain and takes up less room in storage.
  • A riding lawnmower is an expensive piece of gardening equipment.

Our final choices represent the best riding lawn mower each brand offers. Engine horsepower, or HP, is the measurement used to describe the engine’s best rear engine riding mower power output. This power output is shared between the various components of these mowers, such as the drive transmission and the cutting blades.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying A Riding Lawn Mower

If you have an adjustable height cutting deck, then raise and lower the blades as you go for the cleanest cut and no scalping. You get a 34-inch cutting deck that makes this machine ideal for cutting medium to large lawns, and the 12-gauge steel ensures that the deck stands up to the most demanding terrain. You also get a pedal-operated deck lift, as well as a 4-point deck-hanger, and a comfortable seat with padding to support your lower back and reduce vibration. The Briggs & Stratton commercial-grade engine features electronic fuel management alongside cyclonic technology for fast and efficient cutting.

Most and Least Reliable Gas Riding Mower Brands – ConsumerReports.org

Most and Least Reliable Gas Riding Mower Brands.

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Compact lawn mowers that produce high quality results are hard to come by. In our evaluation, the Husqvarna YTH1852 is one of the most compact, yet powerful machines we reviewed. If you’re on a budget and looking for more affordable options, you might consider going with a push lawn mower instead. Along with zero emissions, electric mowers are also lower maintenance, as there are no spark plugs, filters, or belts to worry about. With a max speed of 8 mph, the Ryobi RY48110 sits comfortably as one of the fastest on our list. Offering a two-blade cutting system for maximum consistency, this machine can go up to 6 mph forward and 3 mph in reverse, giving it a fairly average speed rating among our other contenders.


When selecting your riding mower, you’ll need to compare the following features to find the model that’s best for your property. The Super Bronco 50 XP delivers the reliability and quality you’d expect from a Troy-Bilt riding mower with power and performance that are sure to impress. Its built-in headlights, high-back seat and comfort-grip steering wheel add convenience and comfort, and a cast-iron front axle lends durability and strength.

The key to finding the best riding lawn mower is to get the right amount of power with the most effective cutting deck. If your yard is smaller than two acres, don’t waste money on horsepower you don’t need and cut widths too large to work in small areas. The best riding lawn mower is a powerful, durable machine that make cutting grass as effortless as possible.

Top 7: Best Riding Lawn Mowers

I actually used it a couple of times to avoid sudden change of terrain from bumping against the deck underside. You get a maximum of 4 inch cut height and a minimum of 1.5 inch, which I think is more than sufficient for all home owners. Engine Size is a consideration and most rear engine riders are limited to smaller engines.

This mower will mow up to 15 acres on one charge of the 4 kWh batteries. The FusionCore QuikSwap batteries are swappable out in the field and Gravely has even introduced an offboard portable charger so your crews can work all day long. If you use a bagger most of the time on your smaller lawn the TURF ONE VOLT 32C Model #32c1900 may be a great choice for you. Using the supplied factory charger a 48 Volt, 100 AH lead-acid battery set will charge in hours. You should always leave the battery on the charger the full time to equalize the charge in all the batteries .

Our buying guide will take you through what you need to consider in other to purchase the right riding lawn mower. Highly efficient riding lawn mower boosted by 27HP Briggs & Stratton engine. The Husqvarna’s MZ series of zero-turn mowers features a 61-inch cutting deck to handle your residential or light professional lawn maintenance. The 24-inch HP engine comes in a heavy-duty steel frame, a roll-over protection system with commercial-style hydraulics. The performance and style provide comfort with a cutting-edge design. The proven performance and innovative features combine and make mowing the yard fun, not a chore.

Now locate the crankshaft pulley and rotate it counterclockwise to release the drive belt. Do not mow when the day is at its hottest as this may contribute to damaging your lawn. Since grass grows from the bottom, you will be cutting the oldest growth. This will also promote a deeper root system that will be able to reach water found deeper in the soil bed and is an added plus in case of a dry spell. A bagging or a mulching capability may be available for some models. Some riding lawnmowers can work all year round thanks to snowplow or snowblower attachments.

He has extensive experience in garden makeovers and maintenance and lawn care. His areas of expertise include outdoor decoration, gardening and garden design. These tools are the most suitable to give your garden an image that reflects organization, cleanliness, and harmony with nature. For this reason, the riding lawnmowers are the great allies of the lovers of the gardening and of which they have an orchard or plot that demands continuous maintenance.

If you need a heavy duty lawn tractor that’s able to tow equipment, choose the 24HP Husqvarna riding mower or any of our other powerful front engine mowers. Let Blain’s Farm & Fleet help you Find Value with the best riding lawn mower for the money. When it comes to finding the best rider lawn mower for you, also decide whether you would prefer a battery-powered riding lawn mower, or gas option. The best battery powered riding lawn mowers can last up to two and a half hours worth of mow time. Like all Husqvarna riding mowers, it uses air induction technology to lift grass for a precise, consistent cut. A 13-gauge steel cutting deck, cast-iron front axle and sturdy chassis ensure years of durability.

It’s a little tricky to figure out how to mow in reverse, but most of the features are straightforward, and once you use them, you won’t forget. It has automatic headlights, a cup holder, and a low-back seat. It’s even compatible with mulching kits, bagging systems, and other accessories.

It also needs to deliver reliable starts and consistent performance, with quality components that will last for years, even with heavy use. Automatic transmissions typically use a gas pedal to control the speed and are more efficient and easier to use than manual transmissions. Hydrostatic transmissions use fluid instead of belts to transfer power between the engine and the wheels for smooth, low-maintenance operation. The dual-blade 42-inch cutting deck can handle large properties, while an 18-inch turning radius allows you to maneuver it smoothly around small, irregularly-shaped spaces and obstacles. Five cutting height positions and an intuitive control panel provide added flexibility and control. This budget-friendly front engine riding mower combines reliable performance, a durable build and a surprising number of features at an affordable price.

Thanks to its dual pedal function, the wheels of the hydrostatic mower is driven by fluid pressure. It also allows switching easily between the forward mode and the reverse mode. The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing a riding mower is that which cutting mode you’ll frequently use. After confirming that, pick one that will satisfy your need and will perform best in that mode. Some complained that the seat of this mower doesn’t have as much suspension as they would like. The cutting process of tall grass is also a bit challenging with this one as it doesn’t cut as good as a gas-powered mower.

The 52-inch cutting deck makes it a convincing choice for larger properties and is produced with 12-gauge steel for durability. Rear tires and inner tubes are air-filled and boast lots of grips for uneven terrain. Power levers are positioned in front of the driver for easy operation. There is no need for you to get out of your seat to operate this mower efficiently. Have I got the goods for you……The best riding lawn mower for hills may be the solution to your lawn care needs. If you have a crowded yard that might require some precise turns, then paying attention to turning radius when buying a mower can save you from a lot of future frustration.

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