Matt Castrucci Nissan Certified We We We Blog. Simple tips to connect with Nissan’s Bluetooth® system

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Matt Castrucci Nissan Certified We We We Blog. Simple tips to connect with Nissan’s Bluetooth® system

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Technology is excellent, however it could be aggravating in the event that you aren’t precisely certain how-to correctly make use of the system. One technology function that numerous automakers tend to be integrating within their cars is Bluetooth®, that allows motorists to get into the phonebook, songs collection and much more through the smartphone that is compatible. But just how can the technology is set by you up? Keep reading!

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Linking to Nissan’s Bluetooth® system

It’s amazingly simple for connecting to Nissan’s Bluetooth® system.

Both Apple and Android os products tend to be appropriate for the system, therefore check out below at

step by step directions to get in touch both forms of smart phones to Nissan’s Bluetooth® system.

Linking the iPhone to Nissan’s Bluetooth program

  1. Open up your iPhone’s configurations and turn ® that is bluetooth.
  2. Should your Nissan has navigation, hit the device key regarding the sound system, then choose Connect, then Connect New Device. If for example the Nissan is certainly not built with navigation, hit the Enter/Setting button regarding the sound system, then select Bluetooth, then choose include Phone.
  3. Visit your iPhone’s options, choose Bluetooth®, and MY-CAR that is select set your unit.
  4. Make sure the pin shown on your own Nissan’s display and in your iPhone are identical.

Linking A android os to Nissan’s Bluetooth Program

  1. Start your Android’s options while making sure Bluetooth® functionality is fired up
  2. In the event the Nissan comes with navigation, hit the device key regarding the speakers, then pick Connect then choose Connect New Device. Then choose Bluetooth, and then select Add Phone if your Nissan does not have navigation, press the Enter/Setting button on the audio system.
  3. Visit your Android’s Bluetooth® configurations and select Scan for Devices. You shall then like to connect with MY-CAR.
  4. Be sure the passkey shown on your own car along with your unit match. In that case, select yes.

Have actually extra questions regarding linking to Nissan’s Bluetooth® system?

Go ahead and keep us an opinion below or offer all of us a telephone telephone telephone call and we’ll help you ensure you get your Bluetooth® system all initiated. Drivers enthusiastic about getting when driving of every brand- brand brand new Nissan within our stock loaded with bluetooth technology that is set up an obligation-free road test online these days!

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Will the Bluetooth play my audiobooks and songs. I’ve it linked and it also appears to just perform some phone. Many Thanks

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